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How to adopt a Chihuahua from Chihuahua Rescue Victoria

How to adopt a Chihuahua from Chihuahua Rescue Victoria

Things to contemplate

  • Choose a dog you're inquisitive about
  • Submit Associate in Nursing expression of interest
  • Meet the dog
  • Adopt the dog: paperwork and payment
  • Two-week trial
  • Aftercare: boarding
  • Update your can to incorporate your pets
  • Success!

Things to contemplate

Chucky is restful on the grass! Feb 2014.

Please contemplate these queries before adopting a Chihuahua:

  • For whom you're adopting the Chihuahua?
  • Does each member of your family wish to possess a Chihuahua?
  • Does anyone within the family have allergies?
  • Do you produce other pets, can they be proud of the new arrival?
  • Do you calve kids or a baby?
  • Do you have an enclosed backyard?
  • Where can the Chihuahua sleep?
  • How long can the Chihuahua be home alone every day?
  • Where can the Chihuahua be staying on vacations?
  • Are you prepared for house training?
  • Are you tuned in to the typical annual Vet expenses a Chihuahua can incur?
  • What are you getting to feed them with?

Choose a dog you're inquisitive about

Peaches, eighteen years previous during this ikon from Gregorian calendar month 2009. Peaches were born in nineteen91 and lived to ascertain the ripe adulthood of 19, an awfully smart age for a Chihuahua. She was number one and is incomprehensible by the United States of America all.

All of the small dogs that come back through our rescue cluster are listed on the accessible currently section of the Chihuahua Rescue Victoria weblog as before long as all veterinary matters are attended to and also the dog is classed as healthy. they're additionally listed on the Chihuahua Rescue Victoria section of Petrescu. Browse these pages to ascertain if there's a dog you prefer.

Submit Associate in Nursing expression of interest

A 10-year previous dance palace in Oct 2011, showing however he would stand upright on his back legs!

The first factor to try to is complete the expression of interest type and this may send the United States of America all the small print we'd like to grasp once beginning this method. it's vital that you just ought to understand that each one data you give to the United States of America is treated with strict confidence. we tend to don't keep mailing lists and you'll ne'er be sent spam or advertising or surveys or the other type of promoting material by the United States of America. we tend to communicate to individuals as a group via our Chihuahua Rescue Victoria Facebook page or this terrible web site.

After we tend to scan through your response, we tend to either email or decision you to debate the dog additional.

Meet the dog

Hosay (right) and his new friend, Nismo! could 2013.

Everyone inquisitive about adopting from the United States of America should come back to our home and meet the dog in person. we tend to like the dog to "choose" you, and if you have got different dogs that you just bring them on to ascertain however they move.

A few recommendations on meeting a replacement dog.

Don't act too excited with loud noises, exclamations etc. Speak quietly and sedately.

Walk slowly! do not dash towards a replacement dog.

Don't stare into a dog's eyes - it would take that as a threat.

When patting a dog for the primary time, do not reach towards the highest of its head - such Associate in Nursing action may be taken as a threat.

Put out your hand 1st to let the dog sniff you out. If the dog looks comfy, attempt giving it a rub below the chin.

Adopt the dog: paperwork and payment

Beautiful ikon on the half dozen month day of remembrance of Felix in his fantastic new home. (November 2012.)

Please note that our dogs aren't free: the cash procured these dogs goes towards the price of caring for them and obtaining them able to be adopted. we tend to ar terribly careful to create certain that each dog that comes from the United States of America is:
  • desexed;
  • fully immunized;
  • microchipped;
  • given worm treatments;
  • given ectoparasite treatments.

Providing everything goes swimmingly and you choose to adopt, then we tend to method everything on the spot. you're issued with the following:

A certificate stating the dog is desexed and microchipped.

A certificate stating the dog has been totally vaccinated with the C5 immunization against Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, and Kennel Cough.

A semiconductor transfer type, that we tend to raise you to finish on the day. we tend to then hold the shape till the test period is up and you choose to stay the dog, at which period we tend to lodge the semiconductor transfer application.

A copy of the prompt formula and feeding schedule that we tend to use with some general hints. we tend to additionally can provide you with a number of the wet and dry food they're presently being fed to permit you to transition while not inflicting an excessive amount of hassle to the dog with a fulminant amendment of diet - that is incredibly common in Chihuahuas!
  • An outline sheet for the dog, listing:
  • when the immunizations, de-sexing, worm tablets, ectoparasite drops etc. were done last;
  • any noted medical problems you must be created aware of;
  • a receipt for any monies paid.

Two-week trial

Roscoe (front) and his best mate Rusty, on the day Chihuahua Rescue Victoria attended the large Day for Dogs at the KCC Park on Dec 2012.

When you adopt from Chihuahua Rescue Victoria, we tend to assure you that the dog goes on a full-time period trial basis to convey you time to confirm that the small dog has settled and is happy which your different animals are adjusting mirthfully. it's thus vital to creating certain that you just ar were proud of the new addition to the family, which they're proud of you.

If for any reason this is often not the case, please advise United States of America of this and come to the dog and everyone work as before long as convenient and a full refund are going to be given.

Aftercare: boarding

Yo-Yo simply when having a swim at the beach. He was adopted in 2010.

We offer to board your very little dogs at any time within the future if you are doing not have some safe place to deport them if the necessity arises. they're forever welcome to return and stick with the United States of America. we tend to charge an awfully stripped-down fee on a weekly basis ($30 per week per dog as of the primary 1/2 2015). This rate could vary from time to time.

Update your can to incorporate your pets

This is Mouse!

Having opened your home to Associate in Nursing adopted Chihuahua, their are some things to stay in mind. we've lots of notes concerning the way to take care of a Chihuahua physically, however that may not all. Your pets ought to even be accounted for in your can in order that if something happens, your desires are going to be clear concerning what arrangements have to be compelled to be created for them. scan a lot of concerning this on our 2015 Newsletter: give for your Chihuahua when you have got gone.


Pom pommy attempting to flee in Gregorian calendar month 2010.

If you've got browsed this web site you've got most likely seen Chihuahua Rescue Victoria Success Stories, that is one among our favorite sections. when you have got adopted a dog from the United States of America, we might like to hear however it went! Send United States of America stories, updates, photos, and videos, or place them on the Chihuahua Rescue Victoria Facebook page. after we notice ones we actually like, we'll place them au courant our site!

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