Chihuahua Attacked And Killed By Pit Bull In Fort Smith


FORT SMITH, Ark.( KFSM) -- Police are investigating after a chihuahua was assaulted and killed by a pit bull in Fort Smith .

According to the police report, a mortal was dog sitting for a woman at an apartment complex and took the small chihuahua outside for a stroll .

The report says the chihuahua started to bark, and then a black and white pit bull passed up and assaulted the small dog, shaking it violently .

The man was able to break the fight up and the pit bull passed back to its home, but the chihuahua didn't survive .

The report says this is not the first time the pit bull has attacked .

The chihuahua's owner, Lena Austin, says she doesn't blamed the dog, she blames the owner .

" The dog should've been on a leash ," Austin cried." That puppy should've been in a cage, chained up, something. It shouldn't have been legal or let go...to strike my puppy ."

Lena says her dog was on a leash and the pit bull was not .

Police are still investigating security incidents .

Source By 5newsonline.com

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