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Poodles – Smart Active and Proud

Poodles – Smart Active and Proud

Dogs are remarkable creatures because they will accompany you on most of your errands. They will also jog or walk with you. More importantly, they will form a close bond with most of your family members including your children.

Poodles – Smart Active and Proud

Unfortunately, keeping a dog as a pet is a challenging experience because each breed has different needs. More specifically, these requirements depend on the physical characteristics and temperament of the breed among other things. Here are some of the things that you ought to know about a Poodle.

The History of the Poodle

It exists in three different sizes i.e. the standard, miniature, and toy Poodle. The standard size is the oldest among the three. The rest seemed to have developed in Britain in the eighteenth century. By this time, the Poodle was widely popular in France and other parts of mainland Europe. In fact, it was the national dog breed in France. The French nobility used it as a water retriever during their duck hunting sessions.

German aristocrats also favored the Poodle. You can even find fifteenth-century drawings of these magnificent animals by German artists. The World Canine Association believes that the Poodle originated from breeding a Hungarian water dog with a French dog. However, the writers of the Britannica Encyclopedia claim that it originates from Germany.

Poodles – Smart Active and Proud

The Poodle: Temperament and Personality

Poodles are highly sociable breeds because they can interact positively with humans and other animals. Their high level of sociability stems from their elevated levels of intelligence. In fact, most dog associations rank them as the second-most intelligent dog breed in the world.

It is important to note that their temperament differs depending on their size. For example, miniature and toy Poodles exercise less patience with children than standard Poodles do. That happens because kids usually grab these small Poodles without realizing that doing so scares them. Remember, these pets are smaller than the standard ones are. Therefore, you should consider keeping Standard Poodles if you have little kids or toddlers in the house.

Poodle Exercise Needs

Poodles have a rich history as water retrievers because they can swim. They are also a favored breed when it comes to hunting birds. Additionally, Poodles are fierce competitors in sporting shows for dogs because of their energetic performances. In fact, the United Kennel Club classifies them as sporting dogs.

Therefore, keeping these dogs indoors is unwise because they need to exercise. In fact, you should expose Poodles to 30 minutes or two hours of exercise each day. You should note that Miniature and Toy Poodles do not need as much physical activity as standard Poodles because of their small size. Remember, the dog benefits from exercising. These benefits include an increase in its blood circulation, an improvement of its muscle tone, and the prevention of constipation among other things. Physical activity for Poodles should be low-impact, adjustable, and easy to perform.

Poodle Suitability as a Family Pet

Poodles are the best family pets for various reasons. For instance, their curly fur coat sheds minimally making them suitable for households that have a person who suffers from allergies. These dogs are also easy to train, and that means you can teach them to behave in a desired fashion. They remain calm and approachable when they meet strangers.

Another great advantage of keeping a Poodle is that it is playful. That means you and your kids can have fun playing with it from time to time. Moreover, Poodles are gentle creatures that rarely exhibit aggressive tendencies. They will show you love, loyalty, and affection. Lastly, these Poodles can live in a home that has a small yard because they do not exercise vigorously.

Poodle Known Health Issues

Standard Poodles have a lifespan of 12 years. Toy and Miniature Poodles live for a longer period than their standard counterparts do. More specifically, they live for an average of 14 years. These dogs suffer from a variety of ailments during their lifetime.

The most common diseases among them are Addison’s disease, thyroid issues, gastric dilatation-volvulus, and tracheal collapse. Others include epilepsy, cancer, hip dysplasia, and juvenile renal disease among others. Ear infections are also common among Poodles because their coat usually grows into their ear canal. Take it for a medical examination at the vet’s office as soon as you notice any complications in its health.

Poodles are smart, active, and smart dogs who make wonderful pets.

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