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Classy cat! Laid-back kitty reclines by its bowl and drinks water like it's sipping from a glass

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The hilarious video shows the cat reclining next to a pink water bowl

It dips its paw in and then holds it up to its face and licks the droplets from it

The video has gone viral on Reddit achieving 64,000 upvotes in two days

This is the hilarious moment a classy cat drinks water from its paw as if it was sipping on a glass of champagne.

The video shows the black and white cat lounging on its side next to a bowl of water.

The debonair drinker then nonchalantly dips its paw into the water and lifts it above his head.

With the cat's head tilted back, the water drips from its paw into his mouth as if it were a Roman emperor eating grapes.

The cat's tongue darts in and out at its paw as it tries to collect the droplets.

It keeps repeating the same process as its owner looks on filming.

The video was posted to Reddit two days ago with the caption: 'I swear he knows how to drink properly, he just thinks this is better.'

The post has achieved 64,000 upvotes with many praising the classy cat and its apparent aloofness.

The owner said the cat has been drinking that way ever since he was rescued as a kitten at just five weeks old.

Among the replies to the video are many praising the cat's attitude.

One of the most upvoted comments was: 'Cats always know when you need a little more weirdness in your life, then they provide it.'

Another said: '"Ah yes... chateau catfoot '19! An excellent year..."'

Source dailymail.co.uk

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