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The change exotic mammals is "alive and kicking" within the The Netherlands, in step with a study by animal protection foundation AAP. the inspiration found fifty five totally different breeds of exotic mammals available within the The Netherlands, primarily on-line on Marktplaats and Facebook, however conjointly at pet retailers and animal fairs. 

The researchers checked Marktplaats and Facebook for exotic pets at 3 points between Gregorian calendar month and should this year. They conjointly anonymously visited 2 pet retailers and 2 animal fairs. They found forty five totally different exotic craniate species available on-line, fourteen totally different species at pet retailers, and seventeen at animal fairs. The species ranged from a Djungarian gnawing animal to a equid, and enclosed prohibited species like primates, in step with the inspiration.

According to AAP, exotic pets have complicated wants that square measure usually terribly troublesome or maybe not possible for the common owner to supply. Even species that may be wrongfully unbroken within the The Netherlands, like the equid or yak for instance, square measure ill-sorted to a life in captivity and want a awfully spacious out of doors space so they'll specific their natural behavior. Another of the species offered available was the Herpestes nyula, that is AN invasive alien species within the world organisation and thus unlawful to import, breed, trade or keep, in step with the inspiration. 

Many exotic pets find yourself beneath the care of rescue centers, in step with the inspiration. Eight out of the highest 10 animals most often given up to AAP square measure among the fifty five species the researchers found available. 

AAP noted that the amount of species obtainable to shop for at the animal fairs was possible higher, as several of the animals were pre-ordered and thus not physically gift at the fairs. the inspiration conjointly noted that solely the 2 visited pet retailers, in Utrecht and Bussum, took the time to clarify the {requirements|the wants} and care requirements of the animals it sold . 

"Regardless of all the issues connected thereto, the keeping of exotic animals as pets could be a for the most part uncontrolled trend that advantages from unclear, incomplete or inexistent regulation and social control in most EU member states", the inspiration aforesaid. "Since 2010 the amount of rescue requests to AAP has tripled, and also the diversity of the species on provide has accrued." 

The foundation imply the institution of a alleged positive list, that lists that animals square measure appropriate to be unbroken as pets within the The Netherlands. in step with letter.nl, the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature ANd Food Quality is presently engaged on an assessment system to form such an inventory attainable.
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