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7 Large Dog Breeds That Don't Shed

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#7 #Large #Dog #Breeds #That #Don't #Shed

Say bye-bye to your allergies.

There’s nothing better than a big, fluffy, cuddly dog. For people with allergies, though, there’s nothing worse than the allergies said fluffy dogs’ fur can sometimes aggravate. As much as we’d all love to cuddle up against the softest, cuddliest big dogs every night, it’s just not a realistic option for those with allergies. Although it is worth pointing out that, contrary to popular belief, dog allergies are usually caused by dander, rather than fur — shedding, however, only makes this worse. This is why breeds that shed less than others are so popular, in addition to the fact that it makes cleaning up around the house just a little bit easier. It’s important to know, though, that all breeds (except those that are hairless — all of which are small or medium-sized breeds) shed at least a little.

As Adam Boyko, co-founder and chief science officer of Embark points out, “Dog fur is a bit more complicated than human hair. While most dogs, like their wolf ancestors, shed prodigiously, especially during the spring, many other dogs have coats that aren’t as prone to shedding.” So while all dogs may shed a tiny, tiny bit, there are major differences across breeds that may make some dogs more easy on allergies than others.

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