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Are Jellyfish Mammals Or Reptiles

Jellyfish any planktonic marine member of the class scyphozoa phylum cnidaria a group of invertebrate animals composed of about 200 described species or of the class cubozoa approximately 20 species. Jellyfish can broadly be considered to be top predators in the food chain.

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Learn more about the characteristics and natural history of jellyfish in this article.

Are jellyfish mammals or reptiles. Mammals and reptiles have vertebrae a jellyfish does not. Jellyfish mammals giraffes reptiles lizards bats birds red foxes alligators and crocodiles armadillos. In general however there are few animals preying on jellyfish.

What body part essential to most mammals does not exist in a jellyfish. Jellyfish washed up on the beach are consumed by foxes other terrestrial mammals and birds. Once jellyfish have become dominant in an ecosystem for example through overfishing which removes predators of.

Jellyfish and mammals are animals evolved from different ancestors. Reptiles are not mammals. Is a snake or bat a reptile or a mammal.

While jellifish belong to phylum cnidaria and have a radial simmetry mammals are vertebrate have bilateral simmetry and. Jellyfish do not have a skeletal bone structure which is.

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