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Mammals Native Texas Animals

Texas has many native animals and birds as well as introduced species. All mammals feed their young milk.

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For instance the guano excrement produced by bats such as the mexican free tailed bat serves as a nutrient source for cave fauna.

Mammals native texas animals. Mammals are warm blooded air breathing vertebrates. In addition to native mammals some species have been introduced. The biggest city in texas is houston whereas the state s capital is austin.

The land varies from swamps piney woods in the east rocky hills and limestone karst in the central hill country of the edwards plateau desert in the south and west. The varying geography of texas the second largest state provides a large variety of habitats for mammals. Texas has many species of native and introduced animals and birds living within its geographical boundaries.

Over sixty amphibian species are found in texas one of the fifty united states these species include forty three species of frog and twenty six species of salamander all members of the class amphibia one toad anaxyrus houstonensis which is also the state amphibian of texas and three species of salamander eurycea sosorum eurycea rathbuni and notophthalmus meridionalis are categorized. Only one marsupial the virginia opossum didelphis virginiana occurs in texas. The collared peccary more commonly known as javelina hog in south texas provided ham on the hoof for some native groups.

The habitats of the bull creek nature preserve support an interesting variety of mammals. A few of the leading mammals of texas are described here. Although none of the mammals are specific only to the central texas region they are an integral part of the preserve ecosystem and food web.

The spanish name for collared peccary is javelina meaning spear no doubt referring to the animals razor sharp tusks photo courtesy texas parks and wildlife department. Texas is also known to have more cattle than any other state in the us. This is a list of mammals of texas those mammals native to or immediately off the coast of the u s.

Most mammals give birth to miniature versions of themselves. Their body is covered with hair. More than 540 species of birds about three fourths of all different species found in the united states have been identified in texas.

It is distributed statewide except for some arid far. Monotremes duckbilled platypus echidnas marsupials opossums kangaroos and placentals most other mammals. More specifically the state has about 540 species of birds and 142 species of animals.

Some 142 species of animals including some that today are extremely rare are found in texas. Because of its size and ecological diversity texas supports a native fauna of about 140 species of terrestrial mammals.

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