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If zebra is mammals how about snake. Grévy s zebra a grévy s zebra.

Zebra Facts Worksheets Species Habitat Information For Kids

It is also the most threatened species of zebra.

Zebra mammals snake. The zebra cobra occurs from central namibia northwards into angola and is one of three spitting snakes in namibia. Here is our expert guide to zebras looking at key species facts where they live in the wild and when they migrate. Zebra snake has sexual reproduction.

Zebras are odd toed ungulates and thus belong to the perissodactyla order. Naja nigricincta is a species of spitting cobra in the genus naja belonging to the family elapidae which is native to the deserts and drier regions of southern africa the species is largely nocturnal and is often found while crossing roads at night. This is a list of extant snakes given by their common names note that the snakes are grouped by name and in some cases the grouping may have no scientific basis.

All zebras are dark skinned animals. This species had long been considered to be a subspecies of the black necked spitting cobra naja nigricollis but morphological and genetic. The grévy s zebra is named after jules grévy a president of the french third republic.

There are three extant families within this order. It is largely nocturnal and is often found on tarred roads especially after rain. Their coloration and markings can vary considerably.

Spalerosophis microlepis zebra snake is a species of snakes in the family colubrid snakes. Equidae horses asses and zebras rhinocerotidae and tapiridae. These zebras live in the semi arid grasslands of kenya and ethiopia.

It is found in the palearctic. The black necked spitting cobra naja nigricollis is a species of spitting cobra found mostly in sub saharan africa they are moderately sized snakes that can grow to a length of 1 2 to 2 2 m 3 9 to 7 2 ft in length. Individuals can grow to 1130 27 g.

Zebra any of three species of strikingly black and white striped mammals of the horse family equidae genus equus. It averages 1 2 m and may exceed 1 5 m in length. The grévy s zebra or the imperial zebra equus grevyi is the largest living wild equid.

The zebra s stripes arise from melanocytes specialized skin cells that selectively determine the pigmentation of the animal s fur.

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