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Its wild leopard like appearance makes the savannah a commonly desired pet among big cat enthusiasts. If you want a big kitty check out our list of top 10 largest domestic cat breeds.

Chausie Top 10 Largest Cat Breeds In The World Large Cat Breeds Cat Breeds Chausie Cat

Savannah cats are classified by the amount of each breed that they contain to inform owners of how truly wild.

Big cat breeds domestic. Cats come in all sizes from miniature kitties to surprisingly big ones so we ve compiled a list of 10 of the largest domestic cat breeds. Cat size health and weight. As of 2019 the international cat association tica.

Burmese a big heavy boned cat the burmese is distinctive for its round look and short soft coat which might be in the original sable as well as light brown blue and lilac. Accepted by the international cat association tica as a championship breed in 2012 the savannah is the largest cat breed but they re not entirely domestic. Big eyes and a stocky build define this big domestic cat breed which was originally bred as a working cat used to control rodents in british alleys and barns.

This article will feature some of the more popular large domestic cat breeds. As with most breeds males are larger than females. Independent and undemanding these quiet cats have a reputation for being shy but warm up quickly with a little love.

More to love hug and snuggle these breeds like all others make wonderful companions so maybe you want to welcome. The savannah cat is a cross between a domestic cat and a serval which is a medium sized wild african cat with distinctly large ears. Depending on your lifestyle and preferences you could want a cat to sit back and relax with or one that can keep up.

Bengal this stunning breed is a medium to large cat. This fluffy giant can weigh between 15 25 pounds for males and 10 15 pounds for females. While it has a stately stance the main coon is a very personable and friendly.

Other large breeds of cat. Exotic shorthair a large cobby breed with a round face and expressive eyes. There can be quite a difference in the size of bengals.

Some domestic mixed breed cats or moggies may reach similar sizes and weights to some of the above mentioned cats due to a natural propensity to being large and muscular or possibly having an ancestral history related to one of the larger breeds of cats. This cat breed is one of the oldest dating as far back as the domestic cats of the romans. The following list of cat breeds includes only domestic cat breeds and domestic wild hybrids the list includes established breeds recognized by various cat registries new and experimental breeds landraces being established as standardized breeds distinct domestic populations not being actively developed and lapsed extinct breeds.

These oversized felines were created by crossing a domestic siamese cat with a wild african cat called the serval which is why they have markings that are reminiscent of wild cats. Bigger is better when it comes to cats that is. Maine coon the maine coon cat is considered one of the largest cat breeds in the feline world.

Savannah still a rare cat and difficult to find a breeder. Many large cat breeds are cuddly companions for every member of the family.

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