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Mammals Kidney

It is like a ball which has been pressed in on one side. To understand the functions of the mammalian kidney and how it does this we must first look at its structure.

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Distinctive features of the mammalian kidney in comparison with that of other vertebrates include the presence of the renal pelvis and renal pyramids and a clearly distinguishable cortex and medulla.

Mammals kidney. The mammalian kidney is a highly complex organ containing many different cell types al awqati and oliver 2002. The primary functions of the paired bean shaped structure include ridding the body of metabolic waste products and maintaining water balance and the proper chemical environment within the body. The nephron which is the functional unit of the kidney consists of multiple components including the glomerulus proximal and distal tubules loop of henle and collecting duct system.

Blood can be filtered so that the good materials can be separated from the bad materials. The human kidney is fairly typical of that of mammals. Through the use of both active and passive transport of materials within the kidney.

The kidney is an organ found in all vertebrates as well as some invertebrates. Structure of the nephron. Kidneys within mammals are responsible for filtering out any harmful or detrimental waste that forms within our bodies and needs to be expelled.

The outermost layer is a tough connective tissue layer called the renal fascia the second layer is called the perirenal fat capsule which helps anchor the kidneys in place the third and innermost layer is the renal capsule internally the kidney has three regions an outer cortex a medulla in the middle and the. Externally the kidneys are surrounded by three layers. At one end of the nephron is a cup shaped bowman s capsule about 200┬Ám in diameter located in the outer region cortex if the kidney.

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