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An apple head chihuahua often has a rather disproportionately large domed skull with a similarly high forehead in comparison with the size of their body with the rest of their bodies being delicate and petite including their small muzzle and fine bones. This is because the apple head shape is the actual authentic head formation of the chihuahua breed.

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But they won t suit every home.

Chihuahua head. The apple head chihuahua is the only type recognized in dog shows and by the american kennel club. The dog has a snout that is smaller compared to a deer head chihuahua and its stop is more prominent at a 90 degree angle. The apple head chihuahua is the most typical dog that one can have as a pet.

The apple head chihuahua is known for having a round apple shaped head and a definite stop whereas a deer head chihuahua may have a flatter head thinner skull but is unlikely to have a stop and will probably have a much longer nose. The rounded apple head is a breed hallmark. Deer head chihuahuas are fun loving energetic affectionate and will be very loyal to their owners.

Is a deer head chihuahua right for me. The erect ears and full luminous eyes are. In 1850 a pot featuring the deer head variety of chihuahua was unearthed in old ruins at casas grandes in the mexican state of chihuahua which dates from 1100 1300 ad showing the long history of the breed at this site although most artifacts relating to its existence are found around mexico city.

Chihuahuas suffering from hydrocephalus may have seizures bad coordination a swollen head or a slew of other neurological symptoms. When a chihuahua is born with too large of a molera their skulls may fill with spinal fluid that eventually surrounds their whole brain. Their physical body shape is largely the same.

On the other hand apple head chihuahuas have rounded apple shaped heads. A beautiful cream apple head chihuahua. Check out our chihuahua head selection for the very best in unique or custom handmade pieces from our shops.

Typically the deer head chihuahua is larger than apple head chis which tend to stay below 6 pounds in weight. They have a prominent 90 degree angle where the forehead meets the muzzle. But a healthy chihuahua can easily live 15 to 20 years.

The chihuahua is a balanced graceful dog of terrier like demeanor weighing no more than 6 pounds. This is known as hydrocephalus. The different chihuahua head shapes.

In fact in dog shows a chihuahua having a well rounded apple shaped head is the primary requirement to be considered as a real chihuahua. It is the type most commonly found. Deer head chihuahua lifespan can vary due to the likelihood of health issues.

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