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He s now 5 years old 30 pounds. Chihuahua x labrador mix.

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The labrahuahua takes after both parents by being incredibly intelligent sassy and people lovers.

Chihuahua labrador retriever mix. Fun facts about the lab chihuahua mix. Peppie the labrador retriever chihuahua mix labrahuahua at 5 years old we have a chihuahua yellow lab mix mom was the lab. A mix between the dog breeds of golden retrievers and chihuahuas is called a golden chi.

They love children of any age as long as they give them plenty of affection. Chihuahuas rank at 30. A brush once or twice a week will help to keep his skin healthy coat shiny and to remove dirt and dead hair.

The chihuahua labrador mix will need regular grooming. Labrador retrievers are according to the akc the most popular dog in the u s. Here we have shared some cute pictures of chihuahua lab mixes that are simply adorable.

This process makes this hybrid unusual. The labrahuahua s coat is not too difficult to look after. They are bred by artificially inseminating the genetic material of a male chihuahua into a female labrador.

The labrahuahua also popular as the chihuahua lab mix is not a purebred dog. There are so many fun things to learn about the golden retriever and chihuahua mix. The labrahuahua is a cross between the chihuahua and the labrador retriever.

Chihuahuas are popular choices to star in tv shows and movies because of their size. Of all the lab mixes on this list the labrahuahua may just be the strangest. What does the chihuahua lab mix look like.

You may end up with a more chihuahua like or more labrador like mixed pup. Because of the size difference between a labrador and a chihuahua natural breeding isn t possible except under rare conditions. They typical weigh around 15 30 pounds and they are considered to be a designer breed because of the way the puppies are conceived.

This sweet and spicy breed is a unique cross between a labrador retriever and chihuahua. Nearly 22 inches long from neck to base of his tail. We rescued him when he was 3 months old and only 4lbs.

Labrador retrievers are descendants of the now extinct st. This rarity also makes it difficult to find information about this breed. With parents such as the labrador retriever and chihuahua there s a huge contrast in personalities shape size and instincts.

However the clash seems to work. He was sold to me as a chihuahua mix but looked like a lab at that time. The labrahuahua also popular as the chihuahua lab mix is a dog breed crossed between the labrador and the chihuahua natural breeding between labs and chihuahuas cannot be done because of variation in their sizes.

Instead artificial insemination must take place. It s challenging to predict traits of mixed breed dogs because puppies may favor one parent over the other. The chihuahua lab mix is a truly unique breed.

One of the most famous chihuahuas is the taco bell chihuahua gidget gidget represented the chain from 1993 2004. What is a chihuahua retriever. 16 chihuahuas mixed with dachshunds.

Labrador retriever and chihuahua mix.

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