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Small Cat Breeds Short Hair

2 british shorthair. Br if you want a soft teddy bear the exotic shorthair fits the bill perfectly.

American Shorthair Cat Breed Information Pictures Characteristics Facts American Shorthair Cat Cat Breeds British Shorthair Cats

This breed is sometimes referred to as the lazy man s persian simply because exotic shorthair cats are almost exactly the same as persian cats except that they have very soft dense and short hair.

Small cat breeds short hair. Most popular short hair cat breeds. These cats much prefer to be in the house not outside and have short easy to care for coats. If you re looking for a cat with long hair short hair and even no hair there s a.

Munchkin cats are the base breed for any hybrid dwarf cats. Just like the manx cats the cymric cat is a breed with a naturally occurring mutation that shortens the tail. These cats have a slender body and fine features.

Cat breeds list. Siamese cats are bigger than other small cat breeds. If you re looking to adopt a new cat one of the many small cat breeds may be the perfect companion for you.

Short haired cats are the most popular hair type around. These cats have stunning blue eyes and they deserve really exotic cat names that highlight their magnificent blue eyes. They are commonly combined with burmese cats sphynx and american curls to make different breeds of dwarf cats.

Very playful tonkinese cats hate being. 1 exotic shorthair. A born chatterbox siamese cats are outgoing social and depend on human companionship.

Cats make purrfect pets. With a sleek slim figure and a short fine coat that comes in four colors seal chocolate blue and lilac point the siamese is a very refined looking breed. It is a medium sized breed with soft chocolaty coat.

The short pom like tail isn t the only thing that s small about this cat breed the japanese bobtail only weighs 5 to 10 pounds at most and matures to a height of just 8 or 9 inches. Size smallest small medium large largest coat hairless short hair medium hair long hair characteristics hypoallergenic cutest fluffy best house rare wild exotic color white black grey. These are specific breeds of cats that are naturally tiny and small.

Depending on the breed you choose you can have a cat that is as affectionate and loving as you desire or one which is still loving but more independent or in other words does its loving from afar. 2 british shorthair. Tiny cats and small cats.

Short haired cats require little in the way of grooming and tend to require less maintenance overall than long haired cats. But the siamese is a really unique breed with many distinct features that. If you actually want a persian cat but don t have the time at all to see to your pet s grooming needs you should try getting an exotic shorthair.

3 american shorthair. Facts about short haired cat breeds. This gives the cat a beige tint similar to the hair of a cougar.

Tiny cats and small cats. Br br they re affectionate playful active social and yet they re also known for their warm and loving personalities. Instead of having long feline limbs they have tiny short legs.

Their bodies are sleek and elegant and they have almond shaped eyes and flaring ears.

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