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They have medium body structure with large eyes and medium length soft coat. Both breeds are merged along with the colorpoint shorthair into a single mega breed the colourpoint by the world cat federation wcf who have repurposed the name javanese for the oriental longhair.

Japanese Bobtail Cat Cat Breeds Encyclopedia Japanese Bobtail Bobtail Cat Japanese Cat

This beautiful asian cat breed can come in two varieties shorthaired and semi longhaired.

Cat breeds japan. Nowadays you will find this breed all around the world. The distinctive coating of four makes it different from other cats. Legend has it that these cats arrived from the kuril islands to the coasts of japan by boat a thousand years ago.

The japanese bobtail can come in any color including the predominantly white calicoes black and white and red and white. According to it common cats are mixed breeds. For example tica s himalayan is considered a colorpoint variety of the persian by the cfa while the javanese or colorpoint longhair is a color variation of the balinese in both the tica and the cfa.

They are scrappy they are dynamic and. Japanese bobtail cat native to japan and east asia. As in most other breeds japanese bobtails may have almost any color or colors arranged in any number of patterns.

Among total 1214 dogs kept as pets 79 of them are mixed breeds. Japan pet food association conducted a survey of pet cats. Also colo u rpoint longhair refers to different breeds in other registries.

Percentage of popular cat breeds in japan 2015 unit. In the year 1602 it was forbidden for anyone to buy sell or keep a cat of any breed in their home. From glamorous fluffy cats often featured in cat food commercials to long lean and sharp featured cats that have been depicted in ancient art the continent of asia has produced some incredibly unique cat breeds over the last several centuries.

A medium sized breed of cat adults weigh between 3 5 4 kilos. The japanese bobtail is a breed of domestic cat with an unusual bobtail more closely resembling the tail of a rabbit than that of other cats. Bobtail cat has a special place in japanese culture for centuries.

The variety is native to japan and southeast asia though it is now found throughout the world. But maru and shiro are just the most internationally famous members of a thriving scene in japan and a new crop of upstarts are building on their legacy. Facebook twitter pinterest email.

This cat looks more like a rabbit than a cat. Street cats of japan. Originating in countries like japan china iran turkey and myanmar many of these kitties were.

This breed has an unusual bob tail that resembles the tail of a rabbit. I ve loved cats ever since i was a. N 1214 breed american shorthair 3 4 scottish fold 2 9 per.

The breed has been known in japan for centuries and it frequently appears in traditional folklore and art. Bengal burmese cd chatty cat breeds japanese bobtail maine coon most talkative cat breeds oriental shorthair siamese siberian talkative cat breeds tonkinese turkish angora. The japanese bobtail cat is known as a domestic cat.

The japanese bobtail cat is a breed from japan with a remarkable history.

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