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I am sure my friend who loves cat will love this breed. The sphynx looks scary or is it because i am not much of a cat person.

Rare Cat Breeds This Particular Breed Of Bengal Cat By Sue Feeney Catbreeds Bengal Cat Cats Kittens

They are said to be difficult to breed and are rare even for hybrids.

Hybrid rare cat breeds. Safari cats typically have a compact muscular body with a spotted coat. The minskin is an extremely rare breed in that it is a hybrid between two other rare breeds that we often see in the world today the sphynx and the munchkin cat breeds. Just like their wild cousins these cats are strong climbers and need lots of vertical space to get out their energy.

Providing cat lovers from all over the globe with the most in depth and up to date information on the widest variety of cat breeds one can find on the internet. It will forever be a work in. The russian blue however looks regal.

The safari cat is a hybrid cat breed consisting of the south american geoffroy s cat and the domestic cat first bred in the 1970s. Hybrid cat breeds exotic house cat hybrid cat breeds. Asian leopard x domestic cat egyptian mau.

Safari cats are a rare hybrid that resulted from a cross between domestic cats and the small wild geoffroy s cat of south america. The rare the hybrid and the mutants josiet may 15 2013 at 12 52 pm. That being said the minskin is known for its hairless body which resembles that of the sphynx along with its short stature which of course comes from the munchkin breed.

22 thoughts on meet the special cats.

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