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Mammals And Their Habitats

Animals and their habitats. Mammal habitats and movement.

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Different species of mammals have evolved to live in nearly all terrestrial and aquatic habitats on the planet.

Mammals and their habitats. As many need to find food shelter and breeding mates they have to be able to move quickly through their habitats to avoid. Animal grouping task lesson 1 2 spider donkey elephant bird sheep. Plant or animal.

Its living and nonliving surroundings answer mammals live in many different habitats on and under the land in water and in the air the only requirement seems to be a supply of oxygen rich air. Different mammals have adapted to survive and move around in their chosen habitat. Mammals inhabit every terrestrial biome from deserts to tropical rainforests to polar icecaps.

Mammals live in a vast range of different habitats such as oceans tree tops burrows and on plains. Lesson 1 1 card sort task. There are over 4200 species of mammals in the world although there are scientists who will say that the number is over 5000 species.

Get the students to explain why they have grouped them like that how do they know. Many species are arboreal spending most or all of their time in the forest canopy. Print out and get the students to sort them into.

As such each mammal will have a level of similarity with other mammals while at the same time they are unique in their own way which makes them suitable for their specific habitats and diets.

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