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Mammals Jurassic Period

The jurassic period lasted around 56 million years. It occurred from 199 6 to 145 5 million years ago following the triassic period and preceding the cretaceous period.

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The jurassic period was the second segment of the mesozoic era.

Mammals jurassic period. In a paper published last week in current biology co authors roger. Since very few jurassic mammals are actually recognized by the average person these animals are all of paleontological importance. The apparent morphological diversification of mammals during the jurassic had been previously recognized but never quantified.

Jurassic mammals of africa 2 p jurassic mammals of asia 2 c 9 p jurassic. After the jurassic period came the cretaceous period. Among the most recognized and important mammals during the jurassic period include the castorocauda the fruitafossor the hadrocodium the megazostrodon and the oligokyphus.

Prehistoric mammals of the jurassic period. The jurassic period was the second period of the mesozoic era. The period before the jurassic period was the triassic period.

This category has the following 5 subcategories out of 5 total. Wikimedia commons has media related to jurassic mammalia. It began around 201 3 million years ago mya and ended 145 mya.

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