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Types Of Small Mammals

Dark nosed small footed myotis myotis melanorhinus lc. These animals present challenges from a toxicologic standpoint for several reasons.

We See Different Kinds Of Animals Around Us Some Animals Are Big While Some Are Small Animals Are Living Things Animals Are Of Diff Animals Mammals Insects

Many people keep small mammals as pets.

Types of small mammals. These include rodents rats mice hamsters guinea pigs gerbils and chinchillas rabbits ferrets and other small mammals such as sugar gliders and hedgehogs. Eastern small footed myotis myotis leibii lc. Mole animal is a small insectivorous mammal that is often mistaken for rats shrews and hedgehogs for bearing close resemblance with them.

These cunning creatures usually reside underground in burrows pastures tunnels and gardens and are rarely seen above the ground. Many people prefer small mammals such as mice rabbits gerbils hamsters and guinea pigs as pets because they are smaller and can live in contained spaces. Gray bat myotis grisescens nt e.

Common small mammal pets include. The terms small mammals or pocket pets refer to small animals often rodents which are kept as pets and could fit into your pocket. The latest molecular evidence points to kinship with appropriately enough elephants.

The classification of these small mammals has been a matter of debate. In the past they ve been classified as close relatives of hoofed mammals hares and rabbits insectivores and tree shrews. But don t be fooled small mammals can have big personalities and this is the draw for many people who have become so fond of them.

Little brown bat myotis lucifugus lc. Long eared myotis myotis evotis lc. Keen s myotis myotis keenii lc.

Western small footed myotis myotis ciliolabrum lc. Hill mole a unique species of moles loves digging tunnels and.

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