Golden Tate & Steven Hauschka Golf It Out At Boeing Classic Tate & Hauschka Trade In Football For Golf !

golden-tate-golf Outside The Game
by Dominique Price on 08/31/13

Seahawks Receiver Golden Tate and Kicker Steven Hauschka took a little break from the grind of preseason to attend and play in the Boeing Classic Golf tournament.  If you thought the approach for golf and football were different, you thought wrong, or at least not for these two.  Both Tate & Hauschka approached the green the same way the approach football.

“It’s really similar to kicking for me. When you’ve got a shot into the wind, you’ve got to swing easy and just trust your distance. Just like kicking, you can’t try to swing too hard” Said Hauschka after he hit four pars in the five holes at the TPC Snoqualmie Ridge course.

Hauschka wasn’t the only one shooting pretty well on the course. Tate who shares the team lead of touchdown catches last season attacked the course playing each hole back-to back. Tate whom is left handed said that most people look at him funny while golfing because of the way he holds the club.

While people might have been looking at Tate funny it probably had nothing to do with how he was holding the golf club but in amazement how just how athletic this guy is. “I’m the only person I know with a whacky swing,” Tate said. “People look at me when I do my practice swings and they just don’t know what to think. Then I get up there and outdrive them by 30 yards and they’re like, ‘Oh, OK.’

Dominique Price

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