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5 best dog breeds if you already have pets, according to the Kennel Club

English springer gun dog

Do you own small animals, cats or a different breed of dog?

Adopting a dog after you have already got pets are often a tough endeavor, particularly if you own little animals, cats or a distinct breed of dog. you will need your new pet to settle in and feel comfy, while not dynamic the established order an excessive amount of for your existing animals.

The Kennel Club is usually asked that breeds square measure best for families WHO have already got pets. They advocate dogs better-known for his or her loving and docile temperaments.

There square measure some factors you ought to detain mind once introducing any dog to a brand new home with existing pets. They embrace however well trained the dog is, whether or not it's wont to being around alternative animals, and also the dog's age.

Here, 5 widespread dog breeds that square measure better-known to be mild, patient and versatile, per the Kennel Club.

Golden gun dog

1.Golden gun dog

"A friendly, kind and assured breed," said the Kennel Club.
English cocker spaniel

2. English cocker spaniel

"The English cocker spaniel is mild and loving – earning the epithet 'the merry Cocker' for its ever wagging tail denoting a contented temperament! sometimes terribly outgoing and friendly," the Kennel Club said.

St Bernard

3. St Bernard

"A mild giant! they're better-known to be steady dogs, intelligent and trustworthy," said the Kennel Club.

English springer gun dog

4. English springer gun dog

"Tend to be versatile and happy dogs, and friendly to others, if a touch excitable," the Kennel Club said.


5. Newfoundland

"Exceptionally mild, patient and docile with others," said the Kennel Club.

Source by countryliving.com
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