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Adopt a dog with Dog Rescue Newcastle

Animal Adoption

Are you looking to adopt a dog?

Dog Rescue Newcastle and The Star have partnered to provide a weekly column of some of the area's most eligible K9s that are in need of a caring home .

Meet this week's pooches :

Frankie: six years, Chihuahua X Jack Russell
Free loving hipster searches companion. My name it is Frankie, but you can call me Frank if you like.

I'm trying a companion who would like to spend our mornings together, you with a skimming chai latte me with a puppuccino.

And our afternoons together maybe on a walk around the neighborhood or at the local beach taking selfies for Instagram .

I am medium sized six-year-old boy, and I have the cutest little ears that fold forward and skinny chicken leg that attain my bloodlines a great dinner party debate.

I have been get registered as Chihuahua-cross-Jack Russell but my foster mum supposes there's a lot more to the mix .

I enjoy the company of other puppies and I use my demeanours when I meet them on a walk .

I blithely sleep at the paw of my humen bed either on a doggy couch or a crate .

A typical hipster, my hair is a big deal .

I can shed quite a bit, so my ideal companion won't have allergies .

For more information visit www.petrescue.com.au/ listings/ 682511 or send your inquiries to adopt @dogrescuenewcastle. com.au

Ava: 12 weeks, foxhound X puppy

Meet Ava! A 12 -week-old, foxhound-cross-puppy .

You scratch, she'll smell. You hurl she'll chase. You laugh, she'll wag.

You've had a bad period, Ava will make it all better .

You pick her, she'll LOVE you .

The floppy ears and tri-coloured cuteness will glean you in, but this very energetic spawn is going to need some diligent training and understanding of their personalities in order to thrive in their own families context.

Foxhounds are hunters and can become very distracted once on a scent trail .

They will need a more than average quantity of exert and won't be adopted to small-time yards or courtyards .

On the plus side, they are very loyal, attain great adventure chums and are a sturdy low upkeep puppy .

This playful critter will grow up to be a medium- large puppy.

We always recommend puppy-training first-class to give your brand-new own family members the best start in life .

For more information about Ava, visit www.petrescue.com.au/ listings/ 679899 or you can send your inquiries to adopt @dogrescuenewcastle. com.au

Source By newcastlestar.com.au
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