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Chihuahua That Was Tied With Electrical Wires, Repeatedly Kicked in Santa Ana Is Reunited With Family; Homeless Man Arrested


A Chihuahua that was tied with electrical cables and repeatedly knocked after departing missing from his home in Santa Ana has been reunited with their own families, and the three men accused of committing abusing him has been arrested.

A witness reported experiencing a subject abusing a small dog behind a business at 431 E. First St. on Sunday, Santa Ana Police said in a news release.

Authorities spotted the suspect, 28 -year-old Jose Manuel Pantoja, standing over the dog. Pantoja, whom police described as a transient, was immediately taken into detention.

The dog was noticed with a bungee rope held around his throat and dresser and also had electrical wires around his legs, police said. The pooch had several harms, including a ruined pelvis, and was taken to Orange County Emergency Pet Clinic in Garden Grove.

Pantoja, 28, told policemen the dog did not are part and parcel of him and that" it was just following him around," police said.

Pantoja gave no reason for why he plowed the dog severely. He was booked on a thought of swine ruthlessness.

" He mostly squandered the dog like a football clod," police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna said. He added that the suppose has a long criminal biography and law enforcement officials had" dealt with him countless experiences ."

Investigators eventually saw the Chihuahua's proprietors, who told police the dog had escaped their garden after a person left the gate open.

The family had been looking for their beloved "Max," who is 10 years old, throughout the light.

Max was reunited with their own families Tuesday morning. He visibly perked up when his proprietor sauntered into the area.

The dog's owner, Stephany Chavez, said she was grateful for everyone who helped him.

" I didn't think I would see him again, but now "he il be"," Chavez said." I'm just joyful he's OK and he's not any worse than this ."

" To think that someone would do that, it's just very upsetting, it's not right," she said." He's an animal, he can't do something to you, especially a small one like this ."

A Santa Ana police sergeant said he would pay for some of the family's domesticated license cost, and the pet clinic also said they'd assistant pay for Max's medical expenditures.

Source by ktla.com
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