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Dogs that mauled woman, killed Chihuahua, had been reported


" I knew something was going to happen," said the neighbor who reported the dogs outside playing aggressively." I deplored the fact that( GPD) didn't do more ." 

Less than an era before 59 -year-old Lorraine Anderson's ear was severed by two large dogs -- the same dogs that thrashed and killed her Chihuahua Tico -- a Gainesville police officer responded to a announce from her neighbor Ana Fretts, who told a dispatcher the dogs were aggressive and requested police succor. 

Fretts told The Sun she had been doing laundry Sunday in an outside laundry near her Palmetto Villas neighborhood residence when the dogs approached her. They left exclusively after she grabbed a metal pole to shoo them apart. 

When Officer James Alford arrived around 7:45 p.m ., the dogs, owned by William Hicks, were in Hicks' yard at 3425 NW 22 and Drive. 

There was a large hole in the back fence with exclusively a table in front of it, but the dogs seemed to stay put, Alford, observed. 

" The dogs seem content is necessary to stay in the yard for now," he observed to dispatchers. 

Fretts warned police the dogs could easily get out. 

Alford left the scene after not being able to contact Hicks. Animal Business was not contacted to probe further.

About 16 hours later, Hicks' pups get out of the barrier and killed Tico while Anderson was treading him and her other Chihuahua, Precious. The dogs simultaneously criticized Anderson, virtually rending her hearing off. 

Anderson was chewed in the brain and suffered other serious injuries. She was taken to UF Health Shands Hospital for treatment. 

Animal Business officials have since made belonging of the aggressive pups, and the objective is set to be euthanized within 10 periods. 

" Those pups ripped my ear off, and it had to be reattached in the ER," Anderson said while regaining at home Thursday." I did not know there had been a call about them before they criticized me ." 

The Sun looked at why Animal Business wasn't called on Sunday's happen. 

GPD Inspector Jorge Campos said that when responding to reports of aggressive swine after Animal Business' business hours, it is up to the reacting detective to determine whether to notify the on-call Animal Business province response unit. Police verified that the dogs were not considered jeopardy at that time, he said. 

" If the dog is contained and not playing aggressively or has not criticized anyone hitherto when the detective arrives, we'd take no further activity," Campos said." If the detective mentioned the dog going in and out of the garden freely, we'd take further measures to contact swine services ."

County officials have since emphasized that Animal Work is never closed after 911 summons obtain access to The Sun show that dispatchers told Fretts that swine business was " closed" Monday afternoon when she tried to follow up with them about the Sunday incident. Campos too invoked its "closing" is a factor in GPD's animal response protocols. 

There is an animal business responder on call 24 hours a day, 365 daytimes a year, county spokesman Mark Sexton said. The county's animal protects and ratification work opens, but that has no further birth on whether they will respond to reports of aggressive bird-dogs. 

If they are called, they will respond, he said. 

" No one should ever be told that Animal Work is closed because the animal arena response unit is never closed. We respond to calls from enforcement and discharge them 24/7," Sexton said, memo it was a mistake for dispatchers or anyone to say otherwise. 

Sexton could not say whether Animal Services would have taken the dogs if they had responded. 

" Hypothetically, if the dogs weren't playing aggressively and they were in the garden, we wouldn't go take the dogs. That's stealing," Sexton said." If the pit bullshits were roaming freely and playing aggressively when we were there, we would have taken them ." 

Fretts said the dogs have had a biography of roaming her place, playing aggressively to small dogs and parties. She had to fend off the dogs again Monday morning, she told a 911 dispatcher when the dogs blamed at her and her daughter. She was not aware Thursday morning that they had attacked anyone.

" I told( police) the dogs were acting aggressively. That's why I announced. I was concerned," Fretts told The Sun." I knew something was going to happen. ... I was disappointed that( GPD) didn't do more ." 

Anderson was frustrated, extremely, when a reporter informed her there had been a report of the aggressive pups the day before her assault. 

She has been at home recovering, but noted that it was difficult to take care of herself. Nonetheless, she said, her other Chihuahua, Precious, hasn't left her line-up. 

" She's a good momma," Anderson said. 

Anderson added that Tico was also always there for her before security incidents. 

" Tico was my assistant hound. Anytime I had anything going on, the dog was right beside me through thick and thin," Anderson said, her utter ruin." When parties left, that hound was there. And I believe he saved my life ."

Anderson has retained a lawyer. Her solicitor, Jeffrey Meldon, could not be reached. Chris Qualmann is probing the bag for Meldon.

Hicks, 26, ceded both puppies to Animal Service. He said Monday neither had been aggressive toward other swine before. He was given an award, police said.

Hicks told The Sun Tuesday the dogs are Catahoula hound and pit-bull mixes. They are 7 years old debris teammates, and he'd had them since they were puppies.

Three other instances of puppies injuring parties or other swine have been reported in the past few months. The most remarkable involved the September death of Bella, a small mixed breed, as she was being strolled by owner Linda Swinburn in the Northwood Pines place.

The death of Bella spurred brand-new policies and procedures by the Alachua County Commission and Animal Services.

Animal Service must now impound a puppy that is under investigation for being risky unless the detective establishes it is safe to leave the dog with the owner.

The fees for animal cites were increased to more closely match the city of Gainesville's, and province officials shut an opening in which swine proprietors please give multiple first-time cites for equivalent abuses.

Source by gainesville.com
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