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There Are Going to Be a Ton of Chihuahuas Available for Adoption in DC Soon

There Are Going to Be a Ton of Chihuahuas Available for Adoption in DC Soon

You've seen them in Taco Bell commercials and in Paris Hilton's purse. Now, one could be yours.

Man's best friend is going miniature at the DC Humane Rescue Alliance, where 35 rescue chihuahuas will be available for adoption. The diminutive bird-dogs range in age from 10 -weeks-old to 7-years-old. The first of the chihuahuas are expected to be available for adoption immediately following next week, after passing through high standards medical quarantine for salvages, according to Claudia Roll, the Humane Rescue Alliance's vice president of the activities.

" We're really working on socializing these little guys and girls so that they're ready to go into somebody's home, so some of them may take a little longer ," says Roll.

The petite puppies are Mississippi natives. They journeyed to DC after 140 chihuahuas were surrendered by a engendering operation to the Hub City Humane Society in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. And there could still be an additional 100 -to-150 chihuahuas on the breeder's property, according to Roll." It looks just like a engendering operation that just got out of control ," she says .

Since there were so many chihuahuas, the mini pups were dispersed amongst several shelters. Sixty of the original 140 was forwarded to Loudon County Animal Service; after, a little over half of those were transported by van to the Humane Rescue Alliance. While it isn't unusual for the shelter to receive that many hounds at once, Roll says it's unusual to get this many hounds of a single breed. She advises potential adoptees to be understanding of their new canine comrades .

" Going and living in someone's suite or someone's mansion is going to be brand new for them, and adopters are just going to have to know that going in.[ They should] be patient and know that these hounds are going to have a lot to learn ," Roll says." From what we've seen, though, they've all got great potential. They're going to be great little pets ."

For what it's worth, the breed, famed for their look in both Taco Bell commercial-grades and Paris Hilton's purse, are known to be ferociously loyal. For those interested in welcoming a chihuahua into the family, visit the Humane Rescue Alliance's adoption page .

Source by washingtonian.com
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