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18 Dearborn Shih Tzus need a home: How to adopt

A Dearborn rescue is looking for help after taking in 18 Shih Tzu dogs this week after the pooches were turned in by their owner.

Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit said it got a call Monday from a family member of the dogs' owner, who was worried about their care.

The owner relinquished control of the dogs when animal control arrived at the scene and the 18 dogs, ranging from three months to three years of age, were taken to the MaryAnn Wright Animal Adoption and Education Center in Dearborn.

Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit serves about 2,500 animals in need every year, says Director of Development Kim Cross.

"They are actually very sweet, but they were just in a situation where they were not receiving the care that they needed," said Cross. "Our organization is about finding the right homes for the right animals."

The dogs will be up for adoption Friday after they are spayed or neutered, micro-chipped and evaluated for behavior.

Visits will also be open for the public Friday, but you can go to the Friends for Animals of Metro Detroitwebsite to fill out an adoption questionnaire and kick start the process.

For those interested in helping but not in a position to adopt, Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit is accepting donations.

"We have a 1:1 matching donation of $5,000 pledged by board members, but only until July 31," said Cross.

Source freep.com

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