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Where to Buy Fancy Dog Clothes and Accessories in NYC

Chihuahua Clotes,

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Welcome to Racked's first-ever Pet Week! All week long, we'll be highlighting what makes New York so great for our furry (or slimy) friends.

Living in New York City is a great excuse to get dressed (read dressed) for something as simple as a bodega run. And this doesn't only apply to humans—you know those decked-out dogs we're talking about, from pups wearing coats for purely functional reasons to furry friends who are just killing in the accessories department.

Ahead, we've mapped out nine spots where the city's fashion-hungry canines can build a better-than-respectable wardrobe, from harnesses that double as chic outerwear to sweaters that'll make you wish they came in people sizes. See below to find where to shop now that the Ricky's NYC Halloween pup-up shop has closed for the season.

1. The New York Dog Shop

This plain-named shop that's been serving Upper West Side canines since 2006 has a killer sweater game—furry-trimmed pieces for snow days, Greek-letter monogrammed hoodies for frat days, and v-necks for those days when your dog just has to show off his fluffy cleavage. More utilitarian coats, rain jackets, and harnesses are also available. [Photo]

  • 2. The Barking Zoo

    In this Chelsea shop, find sweaters that wouldn't look totally out of place on a human, like cable knits or those with stripes, argyle, or Fair Isle patterns. There's also a great selection of Puppia gear, like harnesses that double as mini vests. [Photo]

  • 3. Canine Styles

Canine Styles has been styling the canines since 1959, first from its original Upper East Side location and now from three other stores, including this one. Apparel is so abundant here that categories aren't just separated by coats and sweaters, but also by dresses, polos, and tees. [Photo]

4. Doggy Style NYC

Not to be confused with the similarly-named Doggy Stylez grooming salon in Yorkville—or a certain coupling, um, position—the University Place shop carries a great (albeit pricey) selection of pooch apparel, including some pieces designed by owner Andy Schulman. [Photo]

5. Zoomies

With owners who formerly specialized in fashion, retail, and Parisian restaurants, you can trust that this West Village shop truly offers the "ultimate shopping experience" for adored dogs—and their owners, too. The store carries its own line of stylish but functional sweaters, coats, rain gear, and fleece vests in solid colors with contrasting accents. [Photo]

6. Happy Paws
While non-pet owners will probably get distracted by the windows to the daycare center that face Crosby Street, pet parents will be distracted by their huge selection of pet supplies—especially clothes for function or fun (like that sailor costume that'll be used on much more than Halloween), as well as accessories. [Photo]

7. The Salty Paw
Like your clothes made in New York? Then stop by this South Street Seaport shop to find local pooch apparel labels like Sam & Tasha, Yarn Dog, Chilly Dog, and the in-house Black Dog Farms. Spot can even customize his own coat, choosing from one of 30 fabric samples on hand. [Photo]

8. Fetch Club
While this dog haven is more known for its other amenities—a VIP "night club," personal training sessions—don't overlook its boutique if you find yourself at the bottom of the island. Rain boots, hair clips, harnesses, and more have all been deemed fashionable enough for Battery Park City and the surrounding neighborhoods. [Photo]
9. The Diamond Collar
Finally, a store whose name alludes to the fancy pet products it carries. Clothes here are definitely of the more cutesy variety—think clothes separated by gender (pink frills for girls, mock tuxes for boys) and leashes with bedazzled letter charms to spell out "princess." [Photo]
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