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Hummingbird Magic In Kalamazoo

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Anyone World Health Organization contains a apodiform bird feeder – or the correct quite flowers - in their yard has most likely questioned at the little birds they attract. however 2 biologists in Kalamazoo County do way more. They’re serving to keep track of hummingbirds by catching and stripe them.

Rich and Brenda Keith from the Kalamazoo Nature Center say catching a apodiform bird is not particularly simple. They use 2 forms of traps "passive" traps. One is simply an everyday apodiform bird feeder with some netting adorned  over it exploitation many paeony hoops. These's atiny low hole that lets the birds flying in. once the Keiths approach, the birds fly up out of habit, permitting them to achieve in and punctiliously retrieve the bird.

Then there is rather ominous-sounding “guillotine” lure. However, it’s simply another feeder within a metal cage. once a apodiform bird flies in, Keith uses a garage door controller to shut the hatch, saddlery the bird.

Catching hummingbirds isn’t simple and it’s not one thing simply anyone will do. Brenda Keith says it takes a special federal allow, "because they're protected species, thus you simply cannot leave and haphazardly catch a bird."

Once caught, the hummingbirds are measured and weighed (each is a mere three-and-a-half-ounces, or so), then they are banded. Brenda carefully attaches a tiny metal band to each bird's short leg. The band number and the other data go to the national Bird Banding Laboratory in Maryland, which keeps track of bird populations around the country. Rich Keith, who's the director of the Kalamazoo Valley Bird Observatory, says he’s noticed changes in the migration pattern of hummingbirds here in Michigan.

"We don't have the data to back up that it's due to climate change, but by the first of May there's generally a lot of them here. There's sightings many years in late April all over Michigan. We've even had sightings in the Upper Peninsula in April."

Hummingbirds in southwest Michigan are getting ready for their annual migration to Central America, something that still amazes Brenda Keith.

"Crossing the Gulf in one eight-hour trip without stopping is pretty awesome, I think, for the tiny, little three-and-a-half-gram bird."

The Keiths will talk about hummingbird banding on Tuesday, August 20, at the Kellogg Bird Sanctuary near Gull Lake. Their presentation starts at 6:30 p.m. There is an admission fee. They'll also demonstrate the banding process at the Kalamazoo Nature Center from 8 to 10 a.m. on August 30 and the following three Fridays in September. That's part of the Nature Center's ongoing Zugunruhe programcelebrating animal migration.

Source wmuk.org
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