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Incredible Map Shows Flight Routes of Eagles Over the Course of One Year

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young man named Fahd Qash from Saudi Arabia stumbled upon one thing uncommon whereas out on a walk. Strolling close to a swamp, he noticed a dead eagle with a chase device strapped to that. Curious, Qash noticed  that the GPS huntsman had associate degree email address written on that. It seems that the device was fitted to the eagle in Kazakstan as a part of a study of the flight ways of champaign eagles.

This explicit eagle was one among twenty that had been caterpillar-tracked since 2018 and therefore the ensuing map of their travels is astonishing. curiously, all of them seem to prominently avoid flying over water, because the Caspian, Red Sea, and therefore the gulf ar all free from their trails. Earlier mistranslations of the news caused some shops to report that the flight path was for one eagle over the course of twenty years, however specialists have discovered that this may be nearly not possible. For one, the OrniTrack device the eagle is sporting wasn't obtainable twenty years ago—not to say the period of the batteries being too short.

Despite this initial misinterpretation of the study, there’s still plenty of interesting information on the map. For one, it seems to indicate that there’s a clear aerial highway that the eagles follow during their winter migration. As one commenter pointed out, there would be plenty of drinking water available on the steppes, hence there not being a need to fly over the sea in order to hydrate.

Some trails seem to fall off abruptly, which indicates that some of the eagles—like the one that was found—died and stopped moving. To get a sense of how much ground an eagle can cover in one day, a 2012 study by the group British Birds indicates that they can fly up to 220 miles (355 km) in one day and are constantly on the move between migration, breeding, and wintering.

A deceased eagle with a GPS tracker was found in Saudi Arabia, and when the owner was contacted, the results were quite interesting.

This map shows the migration routes of 20 eagles that were tracked over the course of one year.

Source mymodernmet.com
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