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PetSmart is celebrating the Chihuahua on August 22

When it involves pet stores that actually do cater to each animal, PetSmart usually A-one the list. And on August twenty two, the shop is all concerning the Chihuahuas.

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Do you have a Chihuahua or a Chi-mix at home? will your pup want a touch of pampering and grooming love? If the solution is affirmative and you happen to own a PetSmart close to you, then you'll wish to visualize out the store’s grooming services on August twenty two.

In a post on Instagram, PetSmart reminded their followers that they were another time doing their monthly breed day, which provides pups of a particular breed every day of grooming at a reduction. And on August twenty two, it looks that it's all concerning the feisty Chihuahua.

While appointments are necessary, if you do have a Chihuahua or a Chi-mix, you can take your pup in to your local PetSmart for either a groom or bath and you will get 10 percent off of your total bill. But that’s not all, as according to the monthly calendar of events for the retail store, your pup will also get a keepsake photo of their new look, which you will receive digitally.

Plus, if your location offers a day camp, your pup is eligible for 50 percent off of a half day of play. Overall, it seems like August 22 is all about pampering your Chihuahua and we are all for that.

We love when PetSmart is focused on the different breeds and giving them the spotlight, especially if that means that we get to save a little money while they are being pampered. And considering the store typically offers at least one breeds day per month, we love the fact that all dogs get the chance to be pampered at a discount.

Source dogoday.com
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