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Cheetahs have a slim trunk with long legs in reference to their total body size. they need a versatile spine that acts to extend their stride length, adding to their unbelievable speed. Their fur could be a coarse, straw specked with black spots and that they have a mane of longer hair at the rear of the neck. Tear marks, the black lines that run from the inner corner of the attention to the outer corner of the mouth, scale back the glare from the sun. A long, planate tail acts as a rudder, facultative the Acinonyx jubatus to alter direction quickly whereas chasing its prey. Semi-retractable claws act as cleats and add traction once running. Reduced willines afford a bigger nasal gap to extend the amount of air that the Acinonyx jubatus can herald with every breath.











A. jubatus

Conservation standing


Key Facts


2.2-3 linear unit (~67-94 cm)


86-140 avoirdupois unit (~40-63 kg)

Wildlife, Mammals Animals, Cheetah,


The IUCN Red List describes cheetah as a Vulnerable species. In 1900, it had been calculable that there have been some a hundred,000 cheetahs within the wild. Today, the population has declined to around seven,500. Genetic studies have shown that there's little or no genetic variation among the species, presumably because of a severe bottleneck. Factors that threaten the cheetah’s survival embody alternative predators, maltreatment by humans, and surroundings loss and fragmentation. Not understanding the necessary role that predators play within the atmosphere, farmers kill cheetahs in an endeavor to forestall predation of their farm animal. The Acinonyx jubatus Conservation Fund (CCF) has been operating with farmers to resolve cheetah-farmer conflicts. one in all their most thriving programs provides farmers with Anatolian language Shepherds. These giant dogs swallow the farm animal, deterring cheetahs and alternative predators.

Wildlife, Mammals Animals, Cheetah,


Social Life

Female cheetahs square measure usually solitary animals except once raising their dependent young. Males square measure either solitary or in coalitions of 2-3 siblings and/or unrelated males. Males is also either territorial or roving. Territorial males mark the realm that they defend with weewee and excretion and mate with females that enter their territory. Non-territorial males cowl ground at a quick rate and square measure outlined as nomads, usually remaining during a single space for no over a couple of days.

Habitat and vary

Cheetahs square measure primarily terrestrial, however are well-known to scramble up trees every so often. They inhabit grasslands, dry forest, grassland ground, semi-desert and scrub habitats principally in geographical area. There square measure pocketed populations in southern Algerie and northern Niger, and that they vary from Republic of Senegal east to Somalia and south to northern South Africa. a couple of are rumored from Iran. several of their strongholds square measure in japanese and southern African parks. traditionally cheetahs had a really big selection from continent through the peninsula and into Bharat.


Cheetahs square measure carnivores that sometimes feed on little animals like little bovid, hares, birds and warthogs. Males, operating along in coalitions, will take down larger prey like antelope and ostrich. feminine cheetahs teach their young the way to hunt by capturing and cathartic live young bovid. as a result of cheetahs receive the bulk of the wet that they have from their prey, they will opt for long periods of your time while not beverage.

The Acinonyx jubatus is that the quickest land vertebrate, capable running seventy mph (112 kph). they're sprinters, shortly distance runners and might solely sprint 600-1600 linear unit (200-500 m) before their temperature rises too high and that they should stop to forestall warming. once these cats square measure ready to overtake their prey, the animal is typically tripped mistreatment the cheetah’s forepaws. the bulk of hunts finish in failure and cheetahs within the Serengeti usually lose their kills to lions and noticed hyenas.


A wild Acinonyx jubatus could live 6-8 years and in captivity they need been well-known to measure up to 17-19 years.


Predators like lions and hyenas can kill adult cheetahs if given the prospect however most adults can run removed from predators. Acinonyx jubatus cub mortality is incredibly high and lions, hyenas and leopards are documented killing cubs.


Sexual maturity: Male: fifteen months, Female: 13-16 months

Mating Season: Females enter heat at any time of year

Birth Season: year-round 

Gestation: 90-95 days

No. of Young: 1-6 per litter

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