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12 Small Dog Breeds Perfect for Families With Kids

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Find the ideal pint-sized pup for your tiny tyke.

Dogs of any size can make a great companion for kids. However, for families intimidated by larger breeds, a small dog could be a better fit. You might think all small dog breeds are good with children, but while some small dogs are known for being a bit too feisty, other toy breeds are considered too delicate for roughhousing kids. When it comes to small dog breeds good with kids both gentle and rowdy, there are 12 small dog breeds in particular that come to mind.

Perhaps you like your dogs soft and fluffy. Maybe a short-haired dog is more your thing. No matter what sort of pup appeals to you, you and your family are sure to find a perfect companion on this list. Any dog could become a child’s friend for life, but you’re very likely to find the perfect friend in these 12 small dog breeds good with kids...Next Article
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