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Christmas Mysteries Review, Gingerbread Cookie… Improve your holidays with this new trilogy of short Christmas stories. Best-selling author, Joanne Fluke, headlines this entertaining, feel-good tribute to seasonal literature. Fifteen mouthwatering preparations complement the stories; Sure to add fun to any holiday party or upcoming Super Bowl party. Gingerbread Cookie Murder by Joanne Fluke It is a month before Christmas in Lake Eden, Minnesota and Hannah Swensen anticipate the holiday. As owner of The Cookie Jar, a local dining room and cafe, she is already sucking her seasonal baking. Hannah lives in the same apartments as Ernie Kusack, a recently divorced father of two teenagers. His ex-wife, Lorna, lives in the same complex. Christmas music blows from Ernie's apartment daily, with all his spare time. Ernie, a former driver of the Shamrock Limousine Company, won $ 8 million in the Super Six Lottery; and quit their job. Ernie agreed to Hannah's request to lower the music volume when visiting her store. Hannah Cave Ernie a dozen of her gingerbread cookies to seal the deal. When music volume becomes unbearable and Hannah tries to reach Ernie's failure, she joins police assistance, Mike Kingston. Hannah and Mike enter Ernie's apartment with a key supplied by his ex-wife Lorna. There they find Ernie dead on the floor near an open fridge door; Hannah's earlier gift of gingerbread is crushed among the floor. Who killed Ernie and why? Was it his ex-wife, Lorna, using his home key? What is a cell phone number that matches Ernie's lottery selection, and a framed copy of the happy ticket hanging from Ernie's guest bathroom has to do with the crime? Hannah Swensen is Fluke's recurring character in her books and contains food in the plot and titles. Fluke weaves thirteen leaky recipes in the story, including "Gingerbread Cookies", & # 39; and &.
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