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Small Mammals In Australia

Australian fur seal arctocephalus pusillus australian sea lion neophoca cinerea bennett s tree kangaroo dendrolagus bennettianus black flying fox pteropus alecto black footed rock wallaby petrogale lateralis black spotted cuscus spilocuscus rufoniger blue whale balaenoptera musculus bottlenose dolphin tursiops truncatus bridled nailtail wallaby. The hypsiprymnodontidae with the musky rat kangaroo as its only member.

Numbat Australian Animals Animals Wild Australia Animals Australian Animals

And the macropodidae which had 53 members in australia but some species are extinct.

Small mammals in australia. It mainly inhabits small rivers and streams and can survive in captivity for up to 17 years. There are three species of wombat the common wombat found in south eastern australia including tasmania and two much rarer species the southern hairy nosed wombat of outback south australia and the highly endangered northern hairy nosed wombat of outback queensland which used to also be found in parts of new south wales but is now extinct there. The list includes 2 monotremes 159 marsupials 76 bats 69 rodents 5 introduced 10 pinnipeds 3 terrestrial carnivorans 2 recent and 1 sub recent introductions 13 introduced ungulates 2 introduced lagomorphs 44 cetaceans and 1 sirenian.

The threatened kowari and fawn hopping mouse suffered large range reductions following european occupation of australia and now appear to be restricted to specific refuge. Many of australia s small medium sized marsupials and rodents have suffered a drastic reduction in numbers and distribution over the last 200 years with more than 30 species vanishing entirely. Meet the aussie animal that s as cute as it is rare.

Its major predators include snakes owls and hawks. The potoroidae include the bettongs potaroos and rat kangaroos small species that make nests and carry plant material with their tails. The potoroidae with 10 species.

The species are on average 12 31 inches long including a 4 12 inch long sparsely hairy tail. The most recent of these was a small native rodent the bramble cay melomys declared extinct in february 2019. Only found in small numbers in the south west corner of western australia the quokka looks like a cat sized kangaroo but they re more friendly than your average roo happy to bound up to humans for a selfie even tennis ace roger federer posed for one.

A total of 379 species of mammals have been recorded in australia and surrounding continental waters. Bandicoots are terrestrial marsupial omnivores endemic to the australia new guinea region. The macropodiformes are divided into three families that are found in all australian environments except alpine areas.

Absent from australia s native fauna are the familiar eutherian mammals e g cattle sheep deer horses cats dogs weasels rabbits moles monkeys of the rest of the world but present are marsupial equivalents of each resulting in many stunning examples of convergent evolution. There are about 20 species of bandicoots of different sizes and characteristics. They are a marsupial.

357 indigenous and 22 introduced. Most medium sized and many small mammal species have fared poorly in the wake of early livestock grazing practices successive rabbit plagues and introduced predators.

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