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It is said that toyger is the most demanding cat breed in the striped cat category. Famous striped cat breeds in the world.

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White orange and black.

Black striped cat breeds. Calico cats have three colors. Tabbies may come in all shapes and sizes and many cat breeds include a tabby variation along with solid color variations. Toyger is an awesome looking cat breed which have stripes all over the body which resemblance the tiger.

The devon rex is one of the famous striped cat breeds in the world that is cute and innocent at the same time. A persian cat this is one of the low maintenance cat. Within their calico spots they may have tabby stripes.

This cat is one of the calmest cats which will be. Tabby cats often have a distinctive m shaped marking on their foreheads and the myths and legends around that m shape are as varied and interesting as cats themselves. This cat breed is famous for the long ears that it has a curly coat in either white and golden or grey and black.

American bobtails persians scottish folds norwegian forest cats and munchkins are among the most likely breeds to have tabby coloring. It looks like a toy tiger and there from the name is taken. Tabby cats are some of the most common cats in the world.

Bobtails born with no tail are called rumpies. Believed to be a cross between a siamese and short tailed tabby the american bobtail features elongated hind legs and a tail one third to one half the length of a regular cat s tail. Learn more about the types of black cat breeds that can be a great addition to your family too.

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