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Egyptian Mau Exotic Cat Breeds

Mau cats have incredible almond shaped gooseberry green eyes that give them the endearing worried expression they are famous for. Egyptian mau sale the egyptians have always been interested in cats and it is believed that in 1953 a noblewoman left egypt with a tabby cat returning to italy.

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This breed is the only domestic one of its kind with the other one being the bahraini dilmun cat which comes from bahrain.

Egyptian mau exotic cat breeds. The mau s history dates back to small african wild cats. They are not incredibly demanding or hyper but they certainly love to play and interact. Although both pedigreed and mixed breed cats face genetic and non genetic health risks responsible breeders do their best to develop healthy cats.

We specialize in the exotic savannah cat breed and egyptian mau. It was in 1966 that the cat fanciers association recognized the cat as a new breed and under the name exotic shorthair. Similar looking spotted cats are depicted in ancient egyptian paintings and described in hieroglyphs suggesting that the origins of the mau go way back to when cats were first domesticated.

Regal1 is a high standard cattery located in southeast oklahoma. The egyptian mau mau being the egyptian word for cat is notable for being the only naturally spotted domesticated cat. The egyptian mau got its name from the egyption word for cat.

These longer hind legs may contribute to it being the fastest running domestic cat capable of speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. Its hind legs are slightly longer than the front giving the cat a somewhat rakish appearance. The egyptian mau is the most popular of all egyptian cat breeds they are the only domestic cat that has naturally occurring spots giving them an exotic appearance.

Egyptian maus are considered one of the progenitor breeds of the modern domestic cat. They enjoy using their muscles and showing off their skills as well as learning and playing games. The breed conformation is described as a balance between the compactness of a burmese and the slim elegance of a siamese its medium length body is muscular with the hind legs longer than the front giving the mau the appearance of standing on tiptoes when upright.

In other words the spotting pattern was not created by human manipulation of feline genes. Egyptian mau cats are a moderately active cat. The egyptian mau is a generally healthy feline with the only predispositions for disease including urolithiasis and pyruvate kinase deficiency.

More than that the characteristic mark of an m sits on this cat breed s forehead which looks similar to that of a scarab. The cats were known in europe before world war ii but the devastation of the war left the breed in a perilous state. According to breed standards the egyptian mau s body is medium long with well developed muscles while retaining a graceful appearance.

Our goal is to provide a high standard of care while offering the best pet prices possible on top quality kittens. Browse egyptian mau kittens for sale cats for adoption. The egyptian mau cat is gorgeous powerful and athletic and is the only naturally spotted breed of domestic cat.

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