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The maine coon is a large cat that originates from north eastern america. They are an old breed that over the years has become among one of the most popular cats on the planet and for good reason.

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In comparison the maine coon is normally twice the size of the average domestic cat.

Maine coon large cat breeds. Maine coon world s largest cat breed. No records of the maine coon s exact origins and date of introduction to the united states exist so several competing hypotheses. The maine coon is a big lug.

They are sweet and friendly with the typically curious cat nature are family animals and love attention. The maine coon is the largest domesticated cat breed it has a distinctive physical appearance and valuable hunting skills. Maine coons communicate with a chirping trill rather than a meow an incongruous sound coming from a gentle giant.

This makes the cat a wonderful family pet. They are the largest cat breed growing bigger than any other breed as we ll see in these pictures. They are lovable friendly and loyal.

They have lovely semi long coats which paired to their charming looks and affectionate loyal natures means they are ideal companions and family pets. The maine coon is an enormous cat compared with other domestic cats. Maine coons can grow quite big.

Meet samson new york city s largest feline resident. World record for the longest cat in history stewie pictured with owner robin hendrickson was 48 5ins long. It is one of the oldest natural breeds in north america specifically native to the us state of maine where it is the official state cat.

He has a muscular big boned body and weighs 9 to 18 pounds. The maine coon has lately become one of the most popular cat breeds.

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Pin On Maine Coon Cats

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Pin On Maine Coon Cats

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Pin On Maine Coon Cats Largest Cat Breed

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Pin On Maine Coon Cats Largest Cat Breed

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Pin On Maine Coon Cats Largest Cat Breed

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