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Mammals Eating Dinosaur Eggs

And carnivorous mammals would have preyed on dinosaur eggs. I realize that john is not proposing a one fell swoop kind of thing but surely there would be an area where there simply were no egg eating mammals.

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Small mesozoic mammals seemed too weak to break open tough dinosaur eggs and the most voracious modern day nest thieves seemed to be those reptiles capable of swallowing eggs whole.

Mammals eating dinosaur eggs. Since the dinos habitats ranged world wide and i trust the mammals as well it seems rather odd that all dinos everywhere would succumb to the mammal sneakiness at the same time. Egg laying mammals belong to a group called monotremes. Dinos although most small prehistoric mammals were nocturnal the repenomamus hunted by day and preyed on small dinos.

Dead dinosaurs were rich food resources on the prehistoric landscape and mammals took advantage of these bonanzas. But no egg eaters could eat all of the dinosaurs eggs. As a general rule the eggs laid by theropod meat eating dinosaurs were much longer than they were wide while the eggs of sauropods ornithopods and other plant eaters tended to be more spherical.

Some dinosaur eggs were elongated rather than round. We learn early on in school that what one of the distinguishing characteristics of mammals is that unlike birds reptiles and fish they bear live young. Most dinosaurs did have eggs it seems but we have no evidence of mammals eating them even though some may well have done so.

There are exceptions to every rule some reptiles and fish bear live young and some mammals lay eggs. Dinosaur eggs ranged i think from 4mm or so thick to 1mm. They would eat themselves into extinction if they did they would have no more food.

Some theropods probably ate other dinosaurs eggs. Of course mammals didn t have to be burly carnivores to eat dinosaurs. On the science channel s mammals vs.

Not only did mammals likely compete with dinosaurs for resources many species survived the end cretaceous extinction and subsequently. Dinosaurs became extinct due to laying eggs dinosaurs laying eggs caused their mass extinction millions of years ago scientists have said while live birthing mammals went on to thrive. As for mammals according to kenneth carpenter 90 were mouse or smaller sized 9 were squirrel sized 1 house cat size didelphodon which was an omnivore.

No one is quite sure why this is the case though it probably has something to do with how. The eggs clustered between 10 30cm long.

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