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Mammals Mating Behaviors

The mating behavior of male and female mammals differs in part because of the physiology of mammalian reproduction. The model showed that evolutionary transitions in mating systems are largely driven by increases in the benefits of monogamous behaviors.

Mating Strategies And Mating Systems

This is especially true in humans whose behavior is so strongly influenced by cultural and environmental factors.

Mammals mating behaviors. Despite this bias small mammals are attractive subjects with respect to the study of mating patterns for several reasons. Second gestation periods are short and population densities are often high. First they produce relatively large litters increasing the possibility of multiple paternity.

In rodents monogamy is the most common evolutionary. In terms of mating systems our species can be described as promiscuous but with very high rates of monogamy. For most non human mammals mating and copulation occur at oestrus the most fertile period in the mammalian female s reproductive cycle which increases the chances of successful impregnation.

Female mammals gestate their young internally and provide nutrition after birth through lactation. The authors also acknowledged that animal behavior can be very flexible and is not entirely determined by genetics. When animal sexual behaviour is reproductively motivated it is often termed mating or copulation.

Mating behavior is closely related to this goal.

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