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Because it is under a flyway north carolina s forests see 80 of all bird species found in eastern north america as they make their way north and south on their annual migratory routes. North american river otter.

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This website aims to provide a compendium of all of the mammal species recorded in north carolina with general information about their distribution in the state by regions or provinces their relative abundance in each region their periods of occurrence in the state their habitats and their general behavior as well as additional.

Mammals of north carolina. Welcome to the mammals of north carolina website. Unfortunately not much is known about eocetus. See protected species of north carolina guide pdf for more information.

Although the state is at temperate latitudes the appalachian mountains and the gulf stream influence climate and hence the vegetation flora and animals fauna. The north carolina natural heritage program ncnhp as part of its mission to preserve the biological diversity of north carolina maintains an inventory of all known locations of rare taxa and serves as the state s data source of locality information of natural areas and rare and federally and state listed plant and animal species. Species found off north carolina include the harbor porpoise bridled spotted dolphin atlantic spotted dolphin striped dolphin atlantic white sided dolphin saddle backed dolphin and bottle nosed dolphin.

Heard the chirping and saw 3 swimming along the edge of pond then they went upstream and left. North carolina s forests have a high diversity of animal species. Have video but can t submit file will not attach in our pond located on n.

Seventy nine species of amphibians have been identified in north caroline s forests as well. Ingleside farm rd iron station. There are 121 species of mammals in north carolina 21 of which are state or federally listed as endangered threatened or special concern.

Look to be 3 adults or 1 adult and 2 juveniles at least 10 15 lbs each. North carolina is the most ecologically unique state in the southeast because its borders contain sub tropical temperate and boreal habitats. It is probably slowly expanding its range northward.

Though it can be locally common in sc it is quite rare in nc as well as poorly known. The young are born live and feed on milk from their mothers. North carolina has many other thriving mammals including rabbits raccoons opossums beavers and chipmunks.

This early eocene whale which lived about 44 million years ago possessed rudimentary arms and legs a snapshot of the early stages of whale evolution before these semi aquatic mammals had adapted to a fully aquatic existence. The scattered remains of eocetus the dawn whale were discovered in north carolina in the late 1990s. A small range for a mouse being limited to the southeastern states north to extreme southern nc and tn east to central sc and west to al.

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