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Small Mammals Of North America

This is a list of north american mammals. Com north american animals mamals birds reptiles insects.

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Below is a complete list of mammals in north america that are found north of mexico.

Small mammals of north america. Florida and california are exceptionally rich in these kind of animals and together house the bulk of the rarest small mammals in the usa. River otters weigh up to 18 pounds and reach up to 4 feet long including their tail. Mammal species which became extinct in the last 10 000 to 13 000 years are also included in this article.

Learn about and how to easily identify jackrabbits cottontails pikas virginia opossums and many more. North america is home to some of the most beautiful mammals in the world both migrants and indigenous. Semiaquatic river otters like other amphibious mammals have dense thick fur and streamlined bodies designed for life in the water.

Rodents make up the largest order of mammals with over 40 of mammalian species. Not many populations of small animals in canada and united states are closely monitored. Learn to identify north america s different species of small mammals with trailmob s comprehensive field guides.

Common and scientific names are included for each species. The north american river otter lives along rivers lakes and large creeks. Bison raccoon mountain lion beaver moose and jaguar 914 birds e g.

There are several species. Bald eagle and goose 662 reptiles e g. Most rodents are small though the capybara can weigh up to 45 kg 99 lb.

They have two incisors in the upper and lower jaw which grow continually and must be kept short by gnawing. Wildlife north america. Forests slide areas alpine meadows e w a the american black bear ursus americanus is north america s smallest and most common species of bear it is a generalist animal being able to exploit numerous different habitats and foodstuffs.

Photographs and information on mammals and reptiles of usa canada and mexico. North america has a diverse array of wildlife species and is home to an estimated 457 mammals e g. The species are organized by order a taxonomic grouping.

Some of the unique mammals in the continent include. Erethizontidae new world porcupines subfamily. The american black bear is listed by the iucn as least concern due to the species widespread distribution and.

We do not have a comprehensive inventory for every species and subspecies of mammal in north america. It is one of the extant species of beavers which is native to north america. Alligator more than 300 amphibians and 4 000 known arachnids e g bark scorpion the north american territory includes the united states canada mexico and greenland each laden.

Both aquatic and land mammals are included in this list of mammals. The north american beaver is the largest rodent in north america which weighs about. Find award winning photography field descriptions habitat range facts environmental notes and wildlife viewing tips all presented in an easy to use and understand format.

It includes all mammals currently found in north america north of mexico whether resident or as migrants there is a separate list of mexican mammals this article does not include species found only in captivity.

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