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Dedicated to the love and admiration of all things yorkie. Kennel cough starts with a virus followed by a secondary bacteria infection.

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What every dog parent should know.

Yorkie kennel cough. Cleaning your dog s ears. Subscribe now to the special yorkshire terrier online newsletter report. If your yorkie has developed a chronic dry or hacking cough that seems to worsen when she is excited she may be suffering from a collapsed trachea not an uncommon occurrence in small dog breeds including yorkshire terriers.

The fear that strikes your heart comes from a diagnosis of collapsing trachea because there really is no cure and the best that you can do for your yorkie is to try and keep him as comfortable as possible. Your little yorkshire terrier the light of your life sounds more like a goose than a canine. It starts out as a honking cough.

How to treat flea bites. It s a dry hacking cough that can be quite alarming but don t worry. Kennel cough can be scary your morkie can sound like he s choking on a bone thanks to the intense frequent coughing spells that come with this ailment.

Most cases of kennel cough run their course over a week or so. Loss of a dog. Now if you bred this yorkie then look out everyone in your house dog wise that is will get it.

Free yorkie newsletter report yorkie puppies yorkshire terrier breeders home about subscribe now for free. Kennel cough infectious tracheobronchitis in dogs. I am not sure where you got your yorkie from but buying one before 3 months of age is not a good thing and even worse if it comes down with kennel cough.

That awful cough gets worse and worse. When your yorkie begins to cough you hope that it s only a passing throat irritant.

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