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African Savanna Food Pyramid

Food pyramids show the energy transfer between different trophic levels in a habitat. Home biotic abiotic factors food chain web energy pyramid symbiosis matter succession human interactions fun facts food chain.

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To understand the african savannah food web first read about the african savannah biome using this link.

African savanna food pyramid. The trophic level is the position that an organism plant or animal occupies in a food chain what it eats and what eats it. Scavengers hyenas vultures and decomposers detritivores bacteria fungi termites break down organic matter making it available to producers and completing the food cycle web. The savanna or african grassland is a diverse food chain reliant on migration patterns that follow water and food sources.

This food chain consists of the animals of the savannah biome and on this biome there are lions vultures and cheetah s which are all carnivores. Then read about the different trophic levels of a typical food chain below. The african tropical savanna s food chain consists of a diverse amount of species all depending on other organisms for an example of a food chain pin african savanna energy pyramid by bilal mazahir on prezi.

A rabbit eats the grass. These food chains can also be assembled into afood pyramid to show how plants and animals are balanced on the savanna. On the savannah there are also worms which are the decomposer.

Home to millions the african savanna is an amazing and complex grassland ecosystem. Then there is also the wildebeest antelope and the giraffe which are all herbivores. Birds perch on their backs and eat the bugs.

An energy pyramid is supposed to show how much energy the organism is going to obtain through consuming the organism on the bottom of it zebras will have less energy than the tress and shrubs. Africa s grassland or savanna ecosystem is an open grass covered land with small interspersed trees. This pyramid contains the lion on top zebras in the middle and trees and shrubs on the bottom.

Food chains trace the transfer of energy from one organism to another in an ecosystem. The birds get food and the gazelle is free of bugs. Food chains and food webs the grassland.

Carnivores lions hyenas leopards feed on herbivores impalas warthogs cattle that consume producers grasses plant matter. The lion will eat and the hyena will get the leftovers. An example of mutualism in the african savanna is with grazing animals such as gazelle.

An example of commensalism is with hyenas and lions. Its diverse species play specific and important roles.

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