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Artic Mammals

South of the coast lies a broad expanse of flat arctic tundra composed mostly of sedges and low shrubs. There are 23 mammal species in antarctica all of which are marine.

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The arctic tundra rises to the south through foothills to the rugged rocky mountains of the brooks range.

Artic mammals. Land mammals arctic fox vulpes lagopus arctic hare lepus arcticus arctic wolf canis lupus arctos caribou reindeer rangifer tarandus moose alces alces dall sheep ovis dalli ermine mustela erminea lemming lemmus lemmus musk ox ovibos moschatus polar bear ursus maritimus sea otter enhydra lutris snowshoe hare snowshoe rabbit. Native to arctic regions in eurasia and north america these beauties are among the few owl species who hunt during the day making them relatively easy to spot. There are 12 species of marine mammals that regularly inhabit the arctic.

Seasonal migration between feeding and breeding grounds. A thick multi layered coat. This is a list of the native wild mammal species recorded in antarctica.

Fully grown adults reach about 50 60 cm 20 24 inches in length exclusive of the 30 cm 12 inch tail and a weight of about 3 8 kg 6 6 17 pounds. Land mammals of the arctic arctic fox. Alaska peninsula brown bear.

Arctic foxes have beautiful white sometimes blue gray coats that act as very effective winter camouflage. Layers of body fat to provide insulation. This section provides images and background on the marine mammals of the arctic.

Sperm whales blue whales fin whales humpback whales killer whales harbor porpoise. Three of these species are considered to be endangered one to be vulnerable eight are listed as data deficient and one has not yet been evaluated. 4 species of whales the polar bear the walrus and 6 species of ice associated seals several addtional species e g.

Fur that changes color with the seasons providing camouflage against the snow in winter and the rocky tundra in the summer. Musk oxen live year round on this coastal plain and caribou produce their calves here in late spring. The natural hues allow the animal to blend into the tundra s ubiquitous snow and ice.

Hibernation during the coldest months of the year. Domesticated species such as the dogs formerly present are not included. Arctic fox vulpes lagopus northern fox of the family canidae found throughout the arctic region usually on tundra or mountains near the sea.

Native to the arctic and well adapted to cold climates this is another arctic animal that turns from brown in summer to a snowy white in winter. The following tags are used to highlight each species conservation status as assessed by the international union for conservation of n.

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