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Calico cats will often have a lot of colors in their fur especially on their backs or on their top side and the white streak will often be on the belly. Several breeds however can exhibit tortoiseshell markings such as american shorthair british shorthair cornish rex persian and maine coons among others.

The Tortoiseshell Cat Cat Breeds Beautiful Cats Tortoise Shell Cat

Both purebreds and mixed breeds can produce a.

Cat breeds tortie. Many breeds carry the tortoiseshell coloring. No tortoiseshell and calico can occur in male cats but it is extremely rare with an incidence of 1 in 3 000. So if you see a tortie with a white belly it s most probably a calico.

The colors are often described as red and black but the red patches can instead be orange yellow or cream and the black can instead be chocolate gray tab. Also called torties for short tortoiseshell cats combine two colors other than white either closely mixed or in larger patches. Tortoiseshell is a cat coat coloring named for its similarity to tortoiseshell material.

Although tortoiseshell coats are most commonly a ginger red and black they can also have hints of cream orange or gold. Tama the feline from the japanese kishi train station is a well known calico. No tortoiseshell is a common coat colour and pattern which occurs in both random bred cats as well as many cat breeds such as burmese british shorthair devon and cornish rex scottish fold.

Male tortoiseshells are rare and are usually sterile. Tortoiseshell cats occur in a variety of breeds including american shorthair british shorthair persian cornish rex ragamuffin and maine coons. Siamese and burmese cats may not meet breed standard if they exhibit calico markings but it has been known to happen.

Even exotic breeds like the laperm cat munchkin cat american curl the sphynx cat and the devon rex and cornish rex cats have tortoiseshell colored individuals on a regular basis. The american and british shorthairs are the most common. Are all tortoiseshell and calico cats female.

The manx cat the scottish fold cat the american short hair british short hair oriental short hair cat siberian cat exotic short hair cat and the persian cat. Like calicos tortoiseshell cats are almost exclusively female. The japanese bobtail with calico or tortoiseshell markings is said to be particularly lucky.

A tortoiseshell breed of cat doesn t actually exist.

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