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Without further ado here s a roundup of the most popular grey cat breeds in several shades of grey from silvery grey to bluey grey cats. Keep in mind grey cats are often referred to as blue cats just like the russian blue cat breed listed below.

Grey Cat Breeds Are Known Their Unique And Beautiful Color If You Want To Have A Breed Of Grey Cats Here Are Som Racas De Gato Cinza Racas De Gatos Gato

3 maine coon.

Fluffy cat breeds grey. With that snub nose shoe button eyes and long lustrous coat it s no wonder the persian is the world s most popular cat breed. 1 exotic shorthair. Most popular fluffy cat breeds.

As well as grooming level choose your fluffy feline friend according to their friendliness social requirements and energy. The first persian cat to come to europe in the 1600 s has silky gray fur but now can come in every color and pattern. 5 british shorthair.

Medium large 8 to 16 lbs. Fluffy cat breeds do not necessarily have long hair. While some like the persian require a lot of grooming and care others only really need a weekly brush to prevent matting and to remove loose hair.

Still gotta love those smoky grays.

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