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Japanese Mammals List

Woodpecker studio top japanese wild animals all list all list of japanese wild animals. This is a list of the mammal species recorded in japan there are 153 mammal species in japan of which three are critically endangered twenty two are endangered thirteen are vulnerable and two are near threatened one of the species listed for japan is considered to be extinct see the wild mammals of japan 2009 ohdachi s.

Mamushi a species of venomous snake that exists in all areas of japan except certain islands including okinawa and amami ┼Źshima.

Japanese mammals list. Over 600 species of bird have been recorded in japan and more than 250 of these breed. Habu four different species of venomous snake that exist in certain islands including okinawa the sakishima islands and the tokara islands but not on the islands of honshu kyushu shikoku hokkaido. Abe hisashi a pictorial guide to the mammals of japan 1994.

A number of birds are endemic including the japanese woodpecker picus awokera copper pheasant syrmaticus soemmerringii and japan s national bird the green pheasant phasianus versicolor several species are unique to the smaller islands including the okinawa rail gallirallus okinawae izu thrush.

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