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Scottish Fold Fat Cat Breeds

What breeds can you use to cross with scottish folds. The scottish fold cat occurred as a spontaneous mutation in farm cats in scotland.

The Scottish Breed Group Is Made Up Of Four Breeds The Scottish Fold Longhair And Shorthair And The S Cat Scottish Fold Scottish Fold Kittens Cats And Kittens

The scottish fold is a breed of domestic cat with a natural dominant gene mutation that affects cartilage throughout the body causing the ears to fold bending forward and down towards the front of the head which gives the cat what is often described as an owl like appearance.

Scottish fold fat cat breeds. In cca the breed. All bona fide scottish fold cats trace their pedigree to susie. British shorthairs and american shorthairs are the most common choice for mating scottish folds.

According to the cat fanciers association all scottish fold cats today can be traced back to mcrae s susie a unique fact in the pedigreed cat world two british shorthair breeders named mary and william ross fell in love with susie and in 1963 were given one of her folded ear female kittens. In cfa and tica the longhaired scottish fold is a division of the scottish fold breed and shares one standard in each association. All the scottish cats with folded ears originated from susie a white farmer cat from taysideu in scotland.

They can be outcrossed to american shorthairs and british shorthairs. Susie the original scottish fold the first scottish fold appeared as a spontaneous mutation in 1961. Susie a white kitten with folded down ears was born on a farm near coupar angus in scotland.

Originally called lop eared or lops after the lop eared rabbit scottish fold became the breed s name in 1966. Kittens that result from mating scottish folds with british shorthairs or american shorthairs are considered purebred. Aace acfa and ufo call the breed the highland fold.

Two years later susie gave birth to two kittens with folded ears and one of them a white female was given to a local pastor william ross and his wife mary and they called it snooks. The scottish fold longhair is known by three different monikers depending on the association. In america the outcross is the american and british shorthair.

Now breeders go directly to these two breeds when mating folds. In 1961 a scottish shepherd by the name of william ross noticed an odd looking white cat that made its home in a neighbor s tayside barn. Scottish folds were first imported into the united states in 1971.

Now while the feline mostly looked like any other regular cat it sported ears that drooped down its head which gave it an owl like appearance. By the mid 1970s they had been recognized by most cat associations in north america. The breed has been established by crosses to british shorthair and domestic cats in scotland and england.

Cff refers to the breed as the longhair fold. Tayside is located in coupar angus northwest of dundee. The longhaired variety is known as a highland fold in some associations.

Depending on registries longhaired scottish folds are varyingly known as highland fold scottish fold lo.

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