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Short Hair Cat Breeds Uk

They are a large affectionate and easy going breed that make excellent companions. The british shorthair cat is the most popular pedigree breed in the uk.

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The average price for the british shorthair breed in the uk is.

Short hair cat breeds uk. Lisegagne getty images. The british shorthair cat has his home in the uk is the best known breed of british pedigree. 2 british shorthair.

These cats share the same ancestry as the american shorthair though when the breeds split off they also took on some distinct characteristics british shorthairs used to be called british blues for the silvery gray coat that s common among cats of this breed though. Your cat will benefit from brushing several times a week to remove loose hairs and dander while preventing hairballs in spring these cats will lose more fur as they shed their winter coat so you may need to brush them more frequently during this time period. The british shorthair is the pedigreed version of the traditional british domestic cat with a distinctively stocky body dense coat and broad face the most familiar color variant is the british blue a solid grey blue coat orange eyes and a medium sized tail.

Domestic short haired cats should not be confused with the british shorthair american shorthair or other standardized breeds with shorthair names which are breeds recognized by various registries. Many of its contours are rounded face and cheeks ears eyes and head. As this breed is not a pedigree dog breed the average price displayed is for non kc registered dogs only.

Their laidback attitude loyalty and sweet nature make them a great first pet cat and a perfect option for a family or multi pet environment. Short haired cats require little in the way of grooming and tend to require less maintenance overall than long haired cats. Cats make purrfect pets.

The breed has also been developed in a wide range of other colours and patterns including tabby and colorpoint. Let s start with what s probably the most well known of british cat breeds. 3 american shorthair.

Domestic short haireds are the most common cat in the united states accounting for around 90 95 of their number. Depending on the breed you choose you can have a cat that is as affectionate and loving as you desire or one which is still loving but more independent or in other words does its loving from afar. Its short broad nose sits above a deep strong chin and these along with its deep chest and short thick tail all convey a strong and sturdy cat.

The breed features dense plush short hair with more hair per square inch than any other cat breed. This price is calculated by averaging all of the adverts placed for sale on the pets4homes co uk website throughout the year 2018 for the british shorthair dog breed. 1 exotic shorthair.

Most popular short hair cat breeds. Although there are records of its existence since the beginning of the twentieth century this breed comes from many years ago. The british shorthair cat is a largish breed which could be described as chunky or cobby.

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