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African Savanna Ks2

The savanna has the highest biodiversity of herbivore animals of any biome. The largest part of the savanna biome is located in africa.

African Savanna Hare Animal Swat Ks2 Black And White Rgb Illustration

It is hot almost everywhere.

African savanna ks2. The rainy season in africa s northern savanna occurs in june july and august. The savannas receive 10 to 50 inches 250 to 1 270 millimeters of rain a year. The african savanna is a tropical grassland of rolling hills shrubs and the occasional tree.

The african savanna boasts the largest land animal the elephant and the tallest land animal the giraffe. Some animals in the savanna like vultures and hyenas are scavengers which eat other animal s kills. The savanna biome covers about half of the continent of africa and there are certain plants and animals unique to this part of the world.

The savanna biome is rich with herbivores such as elephants zebras gazelles and buffalo. A powerpoint with information and pictures about the african savanna. Pupils discuss why parrots cannot live in antarctica and why polar bears cannot live in the rainforest the discussion of adapting to an environment is an apt topic here.

Almost half of africa is considered a savanna. 1 our planet is home to three different species of zebra the plains zebra grevy s zebra and mountain zebra all three species are native to africa. This resource from arkive aimed at key stage two focuses on handling data using some of the species that inhabit the african savannah as a context.

In africa climate is not defined by temperature. In a second activity children are asked to interpret the data in the table and use it to construct bar charts representing. African savanna belongs to the largest and the best known savanna in the world.

It is located on either side of the equator and can be described as a landscape somewhere between a. The powerpoint is a pretty easy walkthrough of the lesson. African savanna lies near the equator and can be found between the subtropical deserts and the tropical rainforests.

The tropical grassland will be explained on facts about the african savanna. This lesson describes the features of this important biome. The baobab tree can live for thousands of years.

The powerpoint looks at what the african savanna is what the weather is like and which animals live there. 2 the most common species is the plains zebra which roams grasslands and woodland of eastern and southern africa. Because of the extended periods of wet and dry climate in the savanna biome the availability of food changes throughout the year.

Besides savanna covers half of the continent of africa. Climate is determined by rainfall. The grevy s zebra can be found in dry semi desert areas of kenya and.

It involves completing a table on the height and weight of animals and converting heights from metres into centimetres. A lesson exploring africas biomes. Africa s savannas support many different kinds of animals.

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